Xmas Lights

Have you ever thought about your childhood?! About how things are simply amazing when you are a child, and that everything is better, happier and lovely?! My favorite time of the year, since I was a child, has always been Christmas. And not because of the presents or the food … but for the Christmas Lights on the houses. I always loved to walk around the city to see what decorations the houses might have. And the funny thing is: every house, even the simplest one, has lights. And it’s gorgeous.

I simply love the way the Christmas lights bring the magic back to our days. Isn’t it amazing?! How simple things can actually make our days better?! Or can remind us of the simplest things in our lives.

I believe that Christmas time is the time we spend with family, even though we don’t like someone or there’s a “situation” around!!! Still, when you most need someone, your family will be there for you, supporting you and your ideas, or even trying to put your feet back to the ground.

Christmas nowadays has become overrated. People only think about presents, money, what to do, what NOT to do! Today is Christmas Eve and I got astonished when, going back home at 8h30 after the gym (yes, I went to the gym today so I can eat without any guilt at night =D ) the 3 supermarkets I pass by on my way back were all packed!!! 8h30 IN THE MORNING!!!!!! ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!

What happened with the times were families spent the whole day together?! Cooked together?!?! Remembered the reason for this holiday and didn’t care about gifts?!?! And has ever had a time like this?!?! I would like to believe that YES, THIS TIME HAS ALREADY HAPPENED!! But how’s Christmas going to be when I am a grandmother?!?! Will things be even more shallow than this!?!?! Will people totally stop caring?!!?

Dale Evans Rogers, an american TV actress, said that “Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas”.

I agree with her. And I hope that this year, when you’re celebrating Christmas with your family, I hope you take sometime to enjoy the lights tonight, and try to remember the inocence of a child and enjoy this holiday the best with your family, friends and others. Christmas is a time for joy and kindness. It’s a time when everyone is entitled the right to behave as a child, be as inocent as a child and kind and tender as a child.

May the Lord bless you and your family on this Christmas … and I hope Santa can be nice to you 😉


Merry Christmas


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It was New Year’s Eve! It had already been a year! She was looking at the pictures that once made her happy. The pictures that left a whole inside her and yet, these were the pictures that actually made her feel lighter. This particular one was special. She took a sip on her drink. She held the picture in her hands and couldn’t let go. They were smiling. Why were they smiling?! Was it a joke?! Maybe something funny happened?! Had he tickled her?! Or was it just at the moment?! Why couldn’t she remember that?! Why did they seam happier in that picture than in the others?! She remembered all the other pictures she had torn apart, or set fire on! She had another sip.

She started thinking about that day, the day of the picture. The day they were, so called, happy together!  And then it hit her! That wasn’t because of him! That was the day they had met, but she wasn’t happy because of him. In fact, he wasn’t supposed to be in the picture at all. She just finished her glass! Took a deep breath, and continued thinking.

It was a nice, hot summer day. She had just finished her classes and was planning her vacation. Nothing to do but read at the beach in front of the sea. Her friends had already packed and she just had to stop by her sister’s house to say good-bye and then, Puerto Rico, here I come!

She filled her glass up and took a sip!

Everything was planned: dinner at 6; farewell party by 9; airport by 4 and Puerto Rico by 12! Nothing could go wrong, except for HIM! The tall guy on the other corner, with really tender eyes, broad smile, kinda loving, and a look that you could bet had been molded by the devil himself! She could see the muscles tight on the shirt and she could see that he had it!!! He looked dangerous and yet a pet kitty! He stared for a couple of minutes and she stared back. She saw herself moving towards him and as she was approaching him and his broad smile, THIS THING came in front of her. He was cute, in a kinda adorable way, but not what she was looking for.

She took a big sip and turned on the radio!

She dodged him but the perfect guy was away. She couldn’t find the 6-pack anywhere and turned around. Pretty boy was still there and so they chatted, he paid her drinks, they danced. It was okay! But she couldn’t have okay on her last day in the country! They danced but she was still looking for him! She decided to call the night around midnight and pretty boy decided to accompany her.

Another big sip!

She remembered giggling, but that’s all! At that time, she remembered why she looked so happy! The perfect guy had just smiled at her and she smiled back, that’s when her friend took the picture and pretty boy just happened to be by her side. Fate?! Coincidence?! She didn’t know, but she couldn’t feel love, or any nice feeling towards that picture, or situation. She resented the last year she had thrown away with him, resented the idea of being any longer with him and resented the idea of feeling bad for NOT being with him!

Big sip from the bottle!!

Why did things had to happen the way they did? She settled for okay. She had NEVER settled for okay! What was happening to her?! She had given away her dream trip for okay, her friends for okay. No was she was giving up her life, again for okay.

She closed the bottle! Threw everything in the trash! Called her friends, showered and got ready! This was New Year’s Eve and she was taking the perfect guy now! No settling for okays or fines! She was leaving the party with him … that was HER New Year’s Resolutions! And somehow, she knew he would be there, waiting for her with those tender eyes, broad smile and devilish look, just like a smiley face 🙂

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Back In Shape

How many diets are available?!?! How many people go dieting every year?!?! How many people start their year with the “I will loose X kg until the end of the year” goal?!?! Who has never said: I’ll start my diet Monday, but the diet is already over by Tuesday?!? If you see yourself in all these questions, so we’re in the same boat.

Isn’t it frustating when you start fighting with the scale?! That every time you go on it, it never changes, or it changes (up) too much!!! The worst thing is when you have to lose weight and then the whole world conspires against your, so called, will for a diet!! And the most amazing thing is that everything … I mean EVERYTHING tastes better when you’re on a diet!!! And people don’t help either!

Take my mother for example: I love her and I am greateful for everything, please don’t take me wrong, but whenever we decide that we’ll go on a diet, she decides that it’s been a while we haven’t had candies at home and all those fattening things, and that’s when she brings home lots of that!!! And the guilty feeling after is excruciating!!! Specially when you decide to “cheat” on your diet with a huge soft medium stake, or a BK or McDonald’s would be fine!!!

Well, you see, the past couple weeks have been very painful weeks for me! I went back to the gym 2 weeks and a half ago and I decided to go back to the BodySystems program taking as many classes as possible and having a day with a personal trainer.  Many people will think that this is great and it’s going to be great for my health and all these things! However I’ve never been so sore before as I have been now!!! My whole body aches, every muscle, every movement I make, EVERYTHING!! And the best part?!?! My house is full of stairs, so you can imagine how happy I must be with this amazing combination ¬¬

You know, I do not blame people when they say that being fatter is easier! You don’t need to take care of what you eat, drink, your time to eat, how often you’re going to eat!!

Okay!! Not saying it’s healthier, but it’s easier … it’s okay, you can say it!!! There’s no problem with that!!! I’m sure your personal trainer says the same!!! IT’S EASIER BEING FAT AND THAT’S A FACT!!!

So, last month I went to this endocrinologist, who in my opinion are the only doctors, along with plastic surgeons and nutricionists, who get happy when they see fat people around – always an opportunity to have work – and, apparently, my healthy weight is 63kg. I’d be something like this:

Right!!! So … this is healthy!!! Really?!?! I would be terrible like that!!! I do agree with Homer Simpson, though, you know: I’m not fat, I’m bigbonned!!! And I like it =D

You see, I trully admire those people who wake up early to jog, run, walk, ride a bike or any kind of exercise that you have to do by yourself!!! I wake up early beacuse, most of the days, the classes I give start around 6:30 am, so I am OBLIGED to wake up early, and consequently, I just drag myself to the gym afterwards!! But I am paying for it, and there’s MY motivation for going: If I’m paying (out of my own pocket) I’m going!!! Otherwise, byebye exercise!!!!

And you know what’s harder, when your family decides to support you with amazing comments like: What happened to you?!?! Did you eat a little person?!?! You look fat!!!! You’re all round!! Why don’t you try the gym?!?!? And they decide that buying candies, chocolates, bread, will definitely help you ¬¬

And of course, when you decide to do all that – compromise yourself -, specially when you have a graduation coming up – or any other special event – you try your best to lose those few tons until the event. Specially women! I think we are designed to suffer, in every way possible: from waxing fo giving birth!!!

Have you ever seen the newest show on the American TV?!?! (It’s on Warner Channel here in Brazil too) It’s called Mike & Molly !!! It’s okay if you haven’t! The sitcom is basically about an obese woman and an obese man and they meet each other an O.A. (Overeaters Anonymous) meeting. And what is great about this sitcom is that it’s a chubby-humor!!! And, yes, if you are/were/is thinking of being chubby (or at least has fat thoughts) you will identify yourself with this sitcom! But what I wanted to bring out is that, on the first episode, already, we can see Molly on this exercising machine (and her mother holding this HUGE piece of chocolate cake beside her):

And I think it’s amusing the variety of exercising products companies launch, and I dare to say, every month: Trademills, ergometric bikes, the Abtonner, the AirClimber, the AbStretch, the AbDoer, the AbScissors, the Smart Track 2000, the Lateral Stepper, the Form Shaper, the Tone and Glide, the Bun Thigh Roller, the Gymstick, the AB-Shaper-Tronic-Master … just to name SOME!!! And this is a huge industry!!! Companies will spend some money on it, while we spend lots of money to fool ourselves with this type of “gadgets” that we buy and after two, three times using it we just forget about it!!

Let’s take Wall-e for example: men used to live on Earth, and destroyed its life and had to live outerspace until there was a possibility of coming back! When Wall-e goes to space, he sees how humankind got after all those years:

But let’s be honest: who wouldn’t looooooooooove to go everywhere without moving a finger?!!? We work all day long, have college alongside, family, other activities and commitments we take … it would be great to just be able to rest in between!!! But then if we’ll become what they’ve become, I believe we’ll need much more Wall-es to save humanity!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just keep our shape and not have to kind of almost kill ourselves for that?! And what is the problem with the world today?!?!? Why women have to be SO.DAMN.SKINNY?!?!?!!? That for sure is NOT healthy at all!!!

Women who used to be a size 4 or 6 are now a size 2 or 4! That’s frustrating, when you go into a store to buy your pants’ number and, apparently, you’re bigger now o.O I really can’t understand fashion!!!! Couldn’t we all be like Tyra Banks?!?! She’s a model, not skinny and great body!!!

If you are a Monica’s Gang fan, and accompanies their teenage adventures, these last issues has brought an anorexic teenager! It shouldn’t be common for teenagers to have to go through this when they’re still young.

You see … women shouldn’t be worried about being skinny but, yes, should prevent going over the fat, or obesity, line! Women, and people in general, should be worried about living a healthy life, being healthy, mentally and physically!!! THAT makes all the difference! When you’re happy, your life goes on a totally different direction, you feel motivated to do lots of things and you won’t feel guilty about eating anything! Like me now,  that I am finishing this post and I’m heading to the kitchen to have my KinderOvo =D And while you were reading my post (and I really appreciate it), I was happily eating my chocolate 😉

Have a nice day, and thanks for reading 😉

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They had gone out the night before. He couldn’t understand why, how or what had happened the last night. Things were still a little fuzzy to him, all he could remember was that she had dark green eyes, the green like if you were looking into a deep forest. They were big and round and she could have you staring at them for days. He could never forget them. They were the first thing that had caught his attention when they met!


Hi! Can I buy you a drink?!

Sure! Thanks!!

You’re welcome!! Uau! You have amazing eyes!!!


No, I mean it! They are gorgeus! I’m Mark. Nice meeting you, …

Lina! I’m Lina!

Lina! That’s a wonderful name. Look! It’s too loud for me in here. I know you’re probably with some friends here! Would mind going across the street and grab something to eat?! I’m starving and I came straight from work with some friends of mine!

I would love that!


And that’s how it all started. He had found the perfect girl. She was all that he needed: independent, loving, funny, smart, beautiful. He could not stop looking at those eyes. He saw thei lives together, entwined, and it was amazing. They talked for hours and eveery second it was a new discovery for them. It felt like they knew they were meant to be together.


I’ll give you a call.

Please do! I’ll be waiting! Bye!


He called right after the next day and left her a message saying he’d be out for a couple of days but as soon as he came back, he’d take her for a real dinner.


So, what do you do?!

Well, I’m a travel agent. I have my agency a couple of blocks from here!

The green building with the airplane and globe in front of it?! I love that agency! I went to the Bahamas last year with that agency!!

Actually that’s a couple of blocks up this street. Mine is on the other side!

Oh, right! But I am sure it’s as good as that one!!

It is. They are actually both mine! I just wanted to see what you’d do!!! And it was funny!


He loved her laughter, her smile, her eyes. And she looked at him as if she knew what he was going through. Still, he couldn’t understand why there were doctors and nurses around him! What had happened?! Why couldn’t he remember?! He just wanted to close his eyes and go back to his perfect girl, but all the could hear was




Keep your eyes closed! Come, just a little bit more! Keep it closed!!!

Where are you taking me?!?! What’s going on?!?!

Okay! You can open them now!

Mark! This is the place we had dinner the night we met!

Yes! I know! I thought we could celebrate going back to the beginning!

Celebrate what?!?! You’ve been misterious the whole night!! Have you been transferred and you’re telling me today so I won’t have time to prepare and you have to leave tomorrow?!?!?

WHAT!??!?! NO!!! Where did that come from?!!? NOOO!!! I was thinking that we’ve been together for almost 4 years now. We’re working and we’ve managed to make this work. And you’re amazing, for putting up with me, and my family and everything we’ve been through the past years. I just wanted to let you know that I am also here for you and that I’ll work night and day to make you happy, if you just let me be your husband! Lina, will you marry me!?!?

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!! *histerical laughter* I love you!!!

Everything hurt; his head, arms, legs; his whole body ached. And all he could think was to try to gain strength to get her back.


What happened?!

Sir, my name is Dr. Scott. I’m sorry to informe you but you were in a car accident. You lost a lot of blood and you need to rest now.

Where is Lina?!

Sorry sir?!

LINA!!! She’s my fianceé! We were on the sidewalk talking! What happened?!

Again, sir, you were involved in a car accident and


Sir, please get back in bed! SIR! YOU LOST A LOT OF BLOOD!! PLEASE, GO BACK TO YOUR BED!!! Don’t make me call security!!

Where is she?! She’s 5’2″, brunette, big round green eyes, dark green. She was wering this amazing pink and orange and brown dress that I love. It’s a very summer dress and she looks amazing in that dress … What?!?! WHAT?!!? WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?

You two were on the sidewalk talking. The driver was drunk and he hit you both! He ran away and the police is still after him! She is in a pretty bad condition and we’re not sure if she’s coming out. She’s across the hallway. But I don’t think you’d like to her now! We still need to notify her family!

I’m her family. She’s an orphan. She’s got nobody else! I wanna see her.


As he entered the room, he could see her brown hair loose and over her shoulders. She was beaten up, and her eyes were closed. He wanted to move but she looked so fragile and he was afraid to hurt her.


She will not answer you. She might not even know you’re here! But if you want to stay, that’s okay!

Thank you! Thank you very much.


As the doctor left the room, he couldn’t believe what had happened. And as if he wasn’t the owner of his body anymore, he leaned down close to her ear and said the words he wasn’t able to say that day after his proposal.


I love you Lina! I love you and you are made me the happiest man on Earth. And I’ll make you the happiest woman in this entire universe. Because since that day we met, I knew we were going to be together forever. Just come back, please!!! I need you and I don’t know how to live without you! Please, come home!!!

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Am I getting too old for this??

Life is funny! People say you are born as the result of this huge love that happened between a man and a woman (usually, but let’s just pretend that this is how things always happen, okay?)! You are born and unconditionally you love anyone and anything in your life! You love the air you breath, the sun that warms you, the butterfly that has just landed on your nose, your neighbor’s cat/dog/bird/whatever pet he has, your granda, grandpa, cousins (all), uncles (all), parents, friends (in your knowledge of friends) acquaintances and everyone else in your life. And the worst thing you can say is “I don’t wanna be friends with you no more” or even “I don’t wnat you anymore”! But still, even hurt, we go back to the ones we love, no matter what just happened.

Then we start growing up! We start learning more about feelings! Our classmates start becoming boyfriends/girlfriends and before we can see it, we are 9 years old and we’ve already got ourselves a “broken heart” (At least in our conception of a broken heart!). And after that, life thinks it would be great to, pardon my French, kick us in the nuts! We already don’t understand what is love! We are told that if THAT person makes your heart go faster, than you’re in love! (If you’ve seen Little Manhattan , 2005, you know what I am talking about … if you haven’t, well … then I do hope you get what I am trying to say)

The thing is: WE DON’T TEACH OUR HEART THAT! Our feelings get stronger and words get worst by the time we grow! Our hearts gets broken, over and over again!

And we try to mend it the best way we can: some with boose, drugs, parties, sex, friends, solitude … whatever suits us best! With time, we start getting colder to love and we start having this same thought: I AM GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS!!! Too old for running after love, for waiting, thinking about it and even hoping for it! But then, how OLD is TOO OLD?!?!?

For the musical lovers, anyone who’s seen Moulin Rouge remembers Ewan McGregor and (the blondie I can’t remember the name right now! Of course I remember HIS name!! It’s Ewan McGregor for heaven’s sake) Nicole Kidman over the elephant! He starts with: “Love is a explendid thing, love lift us up where we belong! All we need is love”! I think we can kida agree with that! Love definetly moves some people; and we try loving one another as Jesus taught; and we know that this world would be way much worse if we didn’t stand love most people we know!

But I do agree with the blondie’s line Nicole Kidman: “Love IS just a game”! And you will be agreeing with me in just a few lines =D –> We enter in a game of knowing someone else, of sharing private information, which means we need to be opened to get to know the other player! Specially because the bets are high! Each of us bet our heart, we put it on the line; we put it in the hands of the other person so he/she can keep it like it were his/hers but they, sometimes, take it for granted … but unfortunately, we also take their hearts for granted as well!

And this is a hard game to play because there are no specific rules, all players play it totally differently from each other, according to their interests. A friend of mine made me this question the other day: “AM I GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS?!?! For playing games and getting hurt; for giving myself up to another being; for being tricked into love and lose everything again??!?! Ain’t I too old for hoping relationships will work out; for believing men will finally understand the real value of a woman; for believing I am NOT too old for this?”

It really got me thinking, and I didn’t have an answer at the time, because honestly I shared the same concern and doubts! But I’ve got your answer: WE’RE NOT TOO OLD!!!! Actually, love requests no age, he chooses no experience and he requests only the good will of enjoying the ride, understanding the other and faith that, if we want and fight for it, things will work out! I still smile when I see an old couple holding hands and kissing;

when little boys decide to steal kisses from little girls;

on sunny days and on the possibility of growing old with someone!

Life is great and we’ll never be too old for it; regardless of what it brings us!

But just between us … playing games is trully the most interesting part of our lives =D

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