Yes, another one on the protests

I know … probably you’ve heard everything about it, or maybe you have just begun on to it, but I just felt I should say something about it. Something about what is going on in this country and perhaps appoligize for those who know nothing about being civilized.


Maybe you saw it – it says It’s not just about 20¢ It’s about rights. People are saying the ‘giant’ has awaken. You’ve seen videos of people protesting, and maybe even breazilians protesting in your town like in Gold Coast, Australia Imagem

and Dublin, Ireland Imagem

and Westminster Abbey in London


For sure other cities too, but these are the ones I saw and have friends who are in touch. See, that’s the model, that’s right. You’ve gotta be peaceful. Violence is already being made by politicians verbaly and the police just acts on that.

You can see videos like this and this and, for those who understand Portuguese, there is this one (which has more information about national and international protests) and this one (with English subs). You can also read it here and here. And maybe if you start ‘googling’ it and going through many different tv channels, you’ll get a hint of what it going on.

I find this idea really great. We need to do it. But we are the ones who supported it. Why not protesting when we were chosen for the World Cup and the Olympics?! Why not protesting when corrupted politicians get elected?! Why now?! Maybe it’s because we got to mobilize more people now. Maybe it’s because it is a real shame to spend $1.5 billion in a stadium. But is also a shame to be INSIDE that stadium and boo your country president. It is a shame to be among the protests and turn into violence. It is a shame to just sit and hold back.

Protests are essencial on fighting what is wrong. People are too angry, too fed up and too disturbed to let everything continue the way it is. The last time it happened was over 20 years ago when students went out to the streets and impeached Fernando Collor, the president at the time. They did it because, even though they were not the majority, they were the ones making some noise and they were the ones to start it. Soon, the population got together, they fought hand in hand and made the ‘highest power’ in the country play it by the book. They were united in one goal, and so are we at this time again, over 20 years later.

This has gone far too long. The government cannot continue acting the way they are used to it. Either we take our president out or we take her out. THIS IS THE ONLY CHOICE NOW!! Let me emphasize it again: IT’S NOT JUST 20¢ !!! It was in the beginning!! Weeks ago there were protests to reduce the bus fares. It helped. But then the government rises it again. The people are not fools. The people are not dead. The people are not dumb. We are alive, we have awaken, we have been gathering strength and this is not going to continue as a circus anymore. We are not going to rest and we are going to make it right.

I support the video of foreigners not coming to Brazil during the World Cup and the Olympics. These are great and admirable events, but EVERYONE knows that Brazil does not have the necessary infrastructure to uphold all this. We do not have enough ways to support this: if you’re coming, do you really think you’re going to be able to catch a plane from one state to another with no problems?! We face problems when buying tickets in advance, imagine at the last minute?!?! You think that there is always going to be a hotel available and a room for you to check in?! We don’t have enough for our people when many decide to go on a vacation to the touristic cities and beaches. You think it’s gonna be easy to come here and find hostels, apartments and households to stay in and pay cheaper!?!? THIS IS NOT BRAZIL’S REALITY!!! You think you’re gonna come here and find trains and metro and buses to move from one point to another and arrive in time?!?! We cannot control it with our population, what makes you think it’s gonna be different with all these?!?!?! Again, THIS IS NOT BRAZIL’S REALITY!!! Tickets for the games are absurd, they are going to be – and already are – too expensive!! Do you think this is good for us?!?! If it were good you’d probably see EVERYONE in the stadiums. But no, it’s not good. The poor people will not even be able to be near the stadiums. Do you think a parent would give up buying food for their children to buy a ticket to watch the game?! Of course not. Do you think a parent would give up buying their kids a treat to watch the games?! Of course not. Well, that’s our reality!! That’s how much a ticket would cost for Brazilians and that’s why there are not going to be so many brazilians during the Cup and Olympics, even though they will be held in our country. How ironic is that right?!?!?!

Our reality is far behind. We have terrible traffic jams because people are not concious enough to commute, they don’t think about the time spent on traffics. We don’t have enugh Hotels, not even hostels; and the ones that we have are either almost down to the floor or too expensive. There is robbery, there is corruption, there is a huge gap in our social living. Millions of people starve each day, and these are the people who are illiterate. Do you know what is the most disturbing for Brazil?! If you know how to write your name you are literate. How are we supposed to be proud of a government who accepts that?! THAT is the only reason our illiteracy rate is so low.

The Mané Garrincha stadium – the one in Brasilia where the opening cerimony happened – is the most expensive stadium ever built to hold this type of event and guess what – Brasilia doesn’t even have a great soccer team to use that stadium afte all these events. There is no great event year-round in Brasilia to support the idea of building that stadium there. But it was built and we did nothing. We accepted the idea it was going to be built there and we sat in our homes just nagging about, talking to everyone and just saying that was  not right. But we did not mobilize. The word was out and we were ‘sleeping’. Gladly we are awake now and this cannot continue like this.

The first time I traveled to Canada was in 2006. I stayed at a woman’s house who actually liked Lula. That got me so bad and angry because she would only see the ‘great guy he was for Brazil’s economy and advance’. I broke it to her. I told her about all the facts shown and not shown by the media, the corrucption, the money and worse the promises not fulfilled. How are we supposed to be proud of governments who say that improving health is refurbishing the waiting rooms in hospitals?! How are we supposed to be proud of governments who see no wrong in stealing from its people?! Governments who think they’ll be fine in a couple of weeks and all is gone. Some people are saying that this will soon be over. Well, I really hope not. I really hope this goes on to a time in history where the public realized their power and the change we can make in our country. I hope people realize that we do not need to put the least worse candidate in power. I hope people realize that what we have here is the opportunity to clean this up, make it a better country and be ready to do everything with a clear conscience that we have voted on the best, most honest and right person for the government. Probably you laughed now, probably you agreed, probably you have no idea what to do, but I do pray for a day when I can have that!!

The worst enemy of a government is a literate people

Jô Soares

And it’s true!! The more educated people we have in our country, the less we’re going to be fooled. The more people who REALLY know how to read and write, the more people we are going to have who know how to build up their opinions and stand for what they believe. Which means that we’re going to have less people being fooled by ‘government support’ and other things. “Bolsa família”, “bolsa não-sei-o-quê” this has to stop!!! This is not teaching the people to be responsible. This is just teaching them to get dumber by the minute. This is just “having the brazilian way” to solve everything. Put it under the rug. Give it a rest. Please, don’t stop it. There are many people behind supporting this. There are many people supporting every good action, every peacefull movement, every scream shared.

My idea of protesting is giving up soccer as our main sport; is giving up the world cup and olympics; is not spending any more of our money supporting games and going to stadiums and everything else. Yes, it is a shame for you who spent so much money, entered the stadium and then started booing the President. It is a shame, because you supported it, you were in there and you enjoyed what was given to you. Booing inside the stadium was the worst representation of who the brazilian people are!!!

No, I don’t go to protests, and maybe you’ll find myself as a hypocrite but I do what I am best at: I teach my students right and wrong; I give them an awareness on what’s going on in our country; and if they do, I incentive them on going and doing it pacifically. I praise my friends who are bold and brave to be out there. I praise everyone who is out there and I do think it’s noble and intelligent. I’ve seen the pics of peaceful places, of peaceful protests and I agree with that, but I am too scared to be caught in the middle of something I cannot control, to be caught in the middle of a demented and idiotic stupid person who is only there to provoke, who is only there for the ‘fun’, for the ‘mess’, who is only there to ‘make its appearence’.

I support this change. I support this peacefull protest!! I support what’s going on and I am sure many others who are not brave enough to be out there are also with all those who are out on the streets all over the world. I pray you’ll be safe and that this reaches the right proportion we’re hoping for and we can get what is ours of right!!!


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