Window Shopping

Any woman who is truly a woman understands this concept! For us is as simple as waking up in the morning! A man, who likes going out with a woman and pleasing her, must be able to truly understand this concept and cope with it!

Window shopping is – and I’m speaking by my understanding and experience of the concept – nothing more than going to a determined area or space with a lot of stores, usually malls, where women pass by the windows, stare at the product, go inside to try it on, won’t take a thing, AND do it repeatedly from store to store with the main goal of not spending a dime! And I think that THAT’S WHY men don’t like window shopping with women =D Curious fact #1: when women window shop they always leave the place with at least one shopping bag! It could be a ring, an earring or something bigger, but they will always have a shopping bag with them!! Curious fact #2: women window shop because: a) of men; b) of problem with men (at work or at home or both); c) of problems in general; d) they are sad; e) they are happy; f) they don’t feel content or fulfilled; g) they are broke; h) it’s a good way of torturing men; i) of all the above together!!!

However, there are women who won’t need window shopping because they’re not out of money, which means they’ve got plenty and more to fulfill every woman’s desire to enter every shop and buy free of guilt everything they see in front of them, and leave the shopping area with their arms full of bags, with huge smiles on their faces and no guilt at all!!!

But you know what would actually be nice?! Window shopping men! You go to a place, lots of guys on windows, you get in, try it out, and if he doesn’t fit your style, well, leave him in the store and just move on to the next one! And if you pay attention, you’ll see that window shopping men would be possible!

For instance, if you’re looking for someone more classy, you just have to go to a high level store! Or if you’re into sk8ers, you’ll find a sk8er store in there. Maybe someone who makes you look good, well, accessories are just down the corner! Someone for a pet, just to play around and make you company on the rainy days and just give love?! Well, there is one in there. Maybe someone who can understand computers and other geek stuff! You see, if you look into our map you will see that computers, furnitures and home depo are just on our 3rd floor. Or maybe you are looking for someone who will just make you loose the grown-up you are and be a kid; or maybe someone who looks so great you can introduce him to your family so they will stop bothering you why you are still single! Perhaps you’ve got a more delicate taste; or my rebellious! Maybe someone who’s not so worried about life, or someone who actually is. But again, having to choose only one is impossible!

For that matter, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just put them together?! Just put a piece of this one, maybe the sleeves of that one, the buttons of the first one and perhaps the line of this one, the finishing on the third one and maybe, just maybe, the coloring of the kids! Yes, that would be great to have on a man right?!

If we actually think, we are every day, window shopping, either men or women, and we are daily making comparisons to who we were with, who we’d like to be with, who we are with. People are different. How do we know that this is the right person?! Well, that something for another post, but I am sure that in the end, everyone would love to just go and window shop! At least for the fun of just watching 😉

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