The Bar …

It was 9pm

She entered the bar as if she had been there before. The bartender looked at her and pointed her to a sit, probably the sit she had already taken. It was at the end of the bar and you could see she needed some time alone. She was wondering about what had happened … what had gone wrong …

She had a nice life, no complaints, huge bank account, even bigger house, important to and in the society. No, she had never felt like that. Her life was always filled with money, people around her and people who “cared”. Why was it different?!

At the time she was already drunk, the bartender started paying attention to her story. She told him about being heartbroken, about the disappointments in life, about never trusting a guy, about giving up life. It was time to take her to the bedroom upstairs so she could rest. She struggled, she didn’t want to leave her only friend … a bottle of Jack Daniel’s … again, another man! She was frustrated and let herself fall in the arms of the bartender who took her upstairs.

A few moments later, when he was back to his position, a guy came in … he was devastated, like he had lost the love of his life. He talked about betrayals and about giving up love, about how he had lost the only love he had over nothing and how he knew she would never forgive him.

The guy didn’t have anything to drink, until he saw on the counter a bottle of Margarita. Maybe only a woman could comfort him now. He started drinking and crying. He felt vulnerable …. he had never felt that way …. he was not an important person, did not have his own place, or anything he could call his own … except for her! He had called her his own. He had the same expression as the girl upstairs … what had happened … what had gone wrong … why?!??!!!

He was suffering … she was suffering … would that be possible?! Was the girl upstairs the one he broke?! Was he the one that changed her life and left her hanging?!

It was now past 2am

He was mumbling about life being unfair, about being disappointed to women, about changing everything: name, address, age, family, job … getting a new life, a new beginning somewhere in the world away from this life!

The lady came down … she was still shaken up …

The bartender offered her some coffee and something to drink. She accepted. She seemed not to notice the half-drunk half-awake half-sleepy guy on the corner where she had been sitting hours ago. She had a huge headache and rubbed her head as if it would make it go away.

He looked at her … amazed … heavy-breathing … He let go of his glass and also asked for a cup of coffee …  he could not stop staring at her … was it?! was she really her?! After a couple of cups of coffee, when he thought he could hold his tongue, he approached her …

She was angry, sad, fed up, she couldn’t take this anymore. She had to go home, get her life straight and move on. She owned herself that and you could see in her eyes that she would not let herself fall for another douchebag

“Hello, I’m François”


“Oh, that’s a different name, I had never heard a girl with such a unique name: Hi”

She laughed … he laughed … this was moving on for both of them … letting go and starting all over again. They were staring at each other like they could see what each other had been through, sharing every pain and disappointment, sharing each thought and desire. She smiled and both of them new that this was THEIR new beginning and nothing was going to screw this up!

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