Xmas Lights

Have you ever thought about your childhood?! About how things are simply amazing when you are a child, and that everything is better, happier and lovely?! My favorite time of the year, since I was a child, has always been Christmas. And not because of the presents or the food … but for the Christmas Lights on the houses. I always loved to walk around the city to see what decorations the houses might have. And the funny thing is: every house, even the simplest one, has lights. And it’s gorgeous.

I simply love the way the Christmas lights bring the magic back to our days. Isn’t it amazing?! How simple things can actually make our days better?! Or can remind us of the simplest things in our lives.

I believe that Christmas time is the time we spend with family, even though we don’t like someone or there’s a “situation” around!!! Still, when you most need someone, your family will be there for you, supporting you and your ideas, or even trying to put your feet back to the ground.

Christmas nowadays has become overrated. People only think about presents, money, what to do, what NOT to do! Today is Christmas Eve and I got astonished when, going back home at 8h30 after the gym (yes, I went to the gym today so I can eat without any guilt at night =D ) the 3 supermarkets I pass by on my way back were all packed!!! 8h30 IN THE MORNING!!!!!! ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!

What happened with the times were families spent the whole day together?! Cooked together?!?! Remembered the reason for this holiday and didn’t care about gifts?!?! And has ever had a time like this?!?! I would like to believe that YES, THIS TIME HAS ALREADY HAPPENED!! But how’s Christmas going to be when I am a grandmother?!?! Will things be even more shallow than this!?!?! Will people totally stop caring?!!?

Dale Evans Rogers, an american TV actress, said that “Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas”.

I agree with her. And I hope that this year, when you’re celebrating Christmas with your family, I hope you take sometime to enjoy the lights tonight, and try to remember the inocence of a child and enjoy this holiday the best with your family, friends and others. Christmas is a time for joy and kindness. It’s a time when everyone is entitled the right to behave as a child, be as inocent as a child and kind and tender as a child.

May the Lord bless you and your family on this Christmas … and I hope Santa can be nice to you 😉


Merry Christmas


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