Back In Shape

How many diets are available?!?! How many people go dieting every year?!?! How many people start their year with the “I will loose X kg until the end of the year” goal?!?! Who has never said: I’ll start my diet Monday, but the diet is already over by Tuesday?!? If you see yourself in all these questions, so we’re in the same boat.

Isn’t it frustating when you start fighting with the scale?! That every time you go on it, it never changes, or it changes (up) too much!!! The worst thing is when you have to lose weight and then the whole world conspires against your, so called, will for a diet!! And the most amazing thing is that everything … I mean EVERYTHING tastes better when you’re on a diet!!! And people don’t help either!

Take my mother for example: I love her and I am greateful for everything, please don’t take me wrong, but whenever we decide that we’ll go on a diet, she decides that it’s been a while we haven’t had candies at home and all those fattening things, and that’s when she brings home lots of that!!! And the guilty feeling after is excruciating!!! Specially when you decide to “cheat” on your diet with a huge soft medium stake, or a BK or McDonald’s would be fine!!!

Well, you see, the past couple weeks have been very painful weeks for me! I went back to the gym 2 weeks and a half ago and I decided to go back to the BodySystems program taking as many classes as possible and having a day with a personal trainer.  Many people will think that this is great and it’s going to be great for my health and all these things! However I’ve never been so sore before as I have been now!!! My whole body aches, every muscle, every movement I make, EVERYTHING!! And the best part?!?! My house is full of stairs, so you can imagine how happy I must be with this amazing combination ¬¬

You know, I do not blame people when they say that being fatter is easier! You don’t need to take care of what you eat, drink, your time to eat, how often you’re going to eat!!

Okay!! Not saying it’s healthier, but it’s easier … it’s okay, you can say it!!! There’s no problem with that!!! I’m sure your personal trainer says the same!!! IT’S EASIER BEING FAT AND THAT’S A FACT!!!

So, last month I went to this endocrinologist, who in my opinion are the only doctors, along with plastic surgeons and nutricionists, who get happy when they see fat people around – always an opportunity to have work – and, apparently, my healthy weight is 63kg. I’d be something like this:

Right!!! So … this is healthy!!! Really?!?! I would be terrible like that!!! I do agree with Homer Simpson, though, you know: I’m not fat, I’m bigbonned!!! And I like it =D

You see, I trully admire those people who wake up early to jog, run, walk, ride a bike or any kind of exercise that you have to do by yourself!!! I wake up early beacuse, most of the days, the classes I give start around 6:30 am, so I am OBLIGED to wake up early, and consequently, I just drag myself to the gym afterwards!! But I am paying for it, and there’s MY motivation for going: If I’m paying (out of my own pocket) I’m going!!! Otherwise, byebye exercise!!!!

And you know what’s harder, when your family decides to support you with amazing comments like: What happened to you?!?! Did you eat a little person?!?! You look fat!!!! You’re all round!! Why don’t you try the gym?!?!? And they decide that buying candies, chocolates, bread, will definitely help you ¬¬

And of course, when you decide to do all that – compromise yourself -, specially when you have a graduation coming up – or any other special event – you try your best to lose those few tons until the event. Specially women! I think we are designed to suffer, in every way possible: from waxing fo giving birth!!!

Have you ever seen the newest show on the American TV?!?! (It’s on Warner Channel here in Brazil too) It’s called Mike & Molly !!! It’s okay if you haven’t! The sitcom is basically about an obese woman and an obese man and they meet each other an O.A. (Overeaters Anonymous) meeting. And what is great about this sitcom is that it’s a chubby-humor!!! And, yes, if you are/were/is thinking of being chubby (or at least has fat thoughts) you will identify yourself with this sitcom! But what I wanted to bring out is that, on the first episode, already, we can see Molly on this exercising machine (and her mother holding this HUGE piece of chocolate cake beside her):

And I think it’s amusing the variety of exercising products companies launch, and I dare to say, every month: Trademills, ergometric bikes, the Abtonner, the AirClimber, the AbStretch, the AbDoer, the AbScissors, the Smart Track 2000, the Lateral Stepper, the Form Shaper, the Tone and Glide, the Bun Thigh Roller, the Gymstick, the AB-Shaper-Tronic-Master … just to name SOME!!! And this is a huge industry!!! Companies will spend some money on it, while we spend lots of money to fool ourselves with this type of “gadgets” that we buy and after two, three times using it we just forget about it!!

Let’s take Wall-e for example: men used to live on Earth, and destroyed its life and had to live outerspace until there was a possibility of coming back! When Wall-e goes to space, he sees how humankind got after all those years:

But let’s be honest: who wouldn’t looooooooooove to go everywhere without moving a finger?!!? We work all day long, have college alongside, family, other activities and commitments we take … it would be great to just be able to rest in between!!! But then if we’ll become what they’ve become, I believe we’ll need much more Wall-es to save humanity!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just keep our shape and not have to kind of almost kill ourselves for that?! And what is the problem with the world today?!?!? Why women have to be SO.DAMN.SKINNY?!?!?!!? That for sure is NOT healthy at all!!!

Women who used to be a size 4 or 6 are now a size 2 or 4! That’s frustrating, when you go into a store to buy your pants’ number and, apparently, you’re bigger now o.O I really can’t understand fashion!!!! Couldn’t we all be like Tyra Banks?!?! She’s a model, not skinny and great body!!!

If you are a Monica’s Gang fan, and accompanies their teenage adventures, these last issues has brought an anorexic teenager! It shouldn’t be common for teenagers to have to go through this when they’re still young.

You see … women shouldn’t be worried about being skinny but, yes, should prevent going over the fat, or obesity, line! Women, and people in general, should be worried about living a healthy life, being healthy, mentally and physically!!! THAT makes all the difference! When you’re happy, your life goes on a totally different direction, you feel motivated to do lots of things and you won’t feel guilty about eating anything! Like me now,  that I am finishing this post and I’m heading to the kitchen to have my KinderOvo =D And while you were reading my post (and I really appreciate it), I was happily eating my chocolate 😉

Have a nice day, and thanks for reading 😉

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