They had gone out the night before. He couldn’t understand why, how or what had happened the last night. Things were still a little fuzzy to him, all he could remember was that she had dark green eyes, the green like if you were looking into a deep forest. They were big and round and she could have you staring at them for days. He could never forget them. They were the first thing that had caught his attention when they met!


Hi! Can I buy you a drink?!

Sure! Thanks!!

You’re welcome!! Uau! You have amazing eyes!!!


No, I mean it! They are gorgeus! I’m Mark. Nice meeting you, …

Lina! I’m Lina!

Lina! That’s a wonderful name. Look! It’s too loud for me in here. I know you’re probably with some friends here! Would mind going across the street and grab something to eat?! I’m starving and I came straight from work with some friends of mine!

I would love that!


And that’s how it all started. He had found the perfect girl. She was all that he needed: independent, loving, funny, smart, beautiful. He could not stop looking at those eyes. He saw thei lives together, entwined, and it was amazing. They talked for hours and eveery second it was a new discovery for them. It felt like they knew they were meant to be together.


I’ll give you a call.

Please do! I’ll be waiting! Bye!


He called right after the next day and left her a message saying he’d be out for a couple of days but as soon as he came back, he’d take her for a real dinner.


So, what do you do?!

Well, I’m a travel agent. I have my agency a couple of blocks from here!

The green building with the airplane and globe in front of it?! I love that agency! I went to the Bahamas last year with that agency!!

Actually that’s a couple of blocks up this street. Mine is on the other side!

Oh, right! But I am sure it’s as good as that one!!

It is. They are actually both mine! I just wanted to see what you’d do!!! And it was funny!


He loved her laughter, her smile, her eyes. And she looked at him as if she knew what he was going through. Still, he couldn’t understand why there were doctors and nurses around him! What had happened?! Why couldn’t he remember?! He just wanted to close his eyes and go back to his perfect girl, but all the could hear was




Keep your eyes closed! Come, just a little bit more! Keep it closed!!!

Where are you taking me?!?! What’s going on?!?!

Okay! You can open them now!

Mark! This is the place we had dinner the night we met!

Yes! I know! I thought we could celebrate going back to the beginning!

Celebrate what?!?! You’ve been misterious the whole night!! Have you been transferred and you’re telling me today so I won’t have time to prepare and you have to leave tomorrow?!?!?

WHAT!??!?! NO!!! Where did that come from?!!? NOOO!!! I was thinking that we’ve been together for almost 4 years now. We’re working and we’ve managed to make this work. And you’re amazing, for putting up with me, and my family and everything we’ve been through the past years. I just wanted to let you know that I am also here for you and that I’ll work night and day to make you happy, if you just let me be your husband! Lina, will you marry me!?!?

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!! *histerical laughter* I love you!!!

Everything hurt; his head, arms, legs; his whole body ached. And all he could think was to try to gain strength to get her back.


What happened?!

Sir, my name is Dr. Scott. I’m sorry to informe you but you were in a car accident. You lost a lot of blood and you need to rest now.

Where is Lina?!

Sorry sir?!

LINA!!! She’s my fianceé! We were on the sidewalk talking! What happened?!

Again, sir, you were involved in a car accident and


Sir, please get back in bed! SIR! YOU LOST A LOT OF BLOOD!! PLEASE, GO BACK TO YOUR BED!!! Don’t make me call security!!

Where is she?! She’s 5’2″, brunette, big round green eyes, dark green. She was wering this amazing pink and orange and brown dress that I love. It’s a very summer dress and she looks amazing in that dress … What?!?! WHAT?!!? WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?

You two were on the sidewalk talking. The driver was drunk and he hit you both! He ran away and the police is still after him! She is in a pretty bad condition and we’re not sure if she’s coming out. She’s across the hallway. But I don’t think you’d like to her now! We still need to notify her family!

I’m her family. She’s an orphan. She’s got nobody else! I wanna see her.


As he entered the room, he could see her brown hair loose and over her shoulders. She was beaten up, and her eyes were closed. He wanted to move but she looked so fragile and he was afraid to hurt her.


She will not answer you. She might not even know you’re here! But if you want to stay, that’s okay!

Thank you! Thank you very much.


As the doctor left the room, he couldn’t believe what had happened. And as if he wasn’t the owner of his body anymore, he leaned down close to her ear and said the words he wasn’t able to say that day after his proposal.


I love you Lina! I love you and you are made me the happiest man on Earth. And I’ll make you the happiest woman in this entire universe. Because since that day we met, I knew we were going to be together forever. Just come back, please!!! I need you and I don’t know how to live without you! Please, come home!!!

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