Am I getting too old for this??

Life is funny! People say you are born as the result of this huge love that happened between a man and a woman (usually, but let’s just pretend that this is how things always happen, okay?)! You are born and unconditionally you love anyone and anything in your life! You love the air you breath, the sun that warms you, the butterfly that has just landed on your nose, your neighbor’s cat/dog/bird/whatever pet he has, your granda, grandpa, cousins (all), uncles (all), parents, friends (in your knowledge of friends) acquaintances and everyone else in your life. And the worst thing you can say is “I don’t wanna be friends with you no more” or even “I don’t wnat you anymore”! But still, even hurt, we go back to the ones we love, no matter what just happened.

Then we start growing up! We start learning more about feelings! Our classmates start becoming boyfriends/girlfriends and before we can see it, we are 9 years old and we’ve already got ourselves a “broken heart” (At least in our conception of a broken heart!). And after that, life thinks it would be great to, pardon my French, kick us in the nuts! We already don’t understand what is love! We are told that if THAT person makes your heart go faster, than you’re in love! (If you’ve seen Little Manhattan , 2005, you know what I am talking about … if you haven’t, well … then I do hope you get what I am trying to say)

The thing is: WE DON’T TEACH OUR HEART THAT! Our feelings get stronger and words get worst by the time we grow! Our hearts gets broken, over and over again!

And we try to mend it the best way we can: some with boose, drugs, parties, sex, friends, solitude … whatever suits us best! With time, we start getting colder to love and we start having this same thought: I AM GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS!!! Too old for running after love, for waiting, thinking about it and even hoping for it! But then, how OLD is TOO OLD?!?!?

For the musical lovers, anyone who’s seen Moulin Rouge remembers Ewan McGregor and (the blondie I can’t remember the name right now! Of course I remember HIS name!! It’s Ewan McGregor for heaven’s sake) Nicole Kidman over the elephant! He starts with: “Love is a explendid thing, love lift us up where we belong! All we need is love”! I think we can kida agree with that! Love definetly moves some people; and we try loving one another as Jesus taught; and we know that this world would be way much worse if we didn’t stand love most people we know!

But I do agree with the blondie’s line Nicole Kidman: “Love IS just a game”! And you will be agreeing with me in just a few lines =D –> We enter in a game of knowing someone else, of sharing private information, which means we need to be opened to get to know the other player! Specially because the bets are high! Each of us bet our heart, we put it on the line; we put it in the hands of the other person so he/she can keep it like it were his/hers but they, sometimes, take it for granted … but unfortunately, we also take their hearts for granted as well!

And this is a hard game to play because there are no specific rules, all players play it totally differently from each other, according to their interests. A friend of mine made me this question the other day: “AM I GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS?!?! For playing games and getting hurt; for giving myself up to another being; for being tricked into love and lose everything again??!?! Ain’t I too old for hoping relationships will work out; for believing men will finally understand the real value of a woman; for believing I am NOT too old for this?”

It really got me thinking, and I didn’t have an answer at the time, because honestly I shared the same concern and doubts! But I’ve got your answer: WE’RE NOT TOO OLD!!!! Actually, love requests no age, he chooses no experience and he requests only the good will of enjoying the ride, understanding the other and faith that, if we want and fight for it, things will work out! I still smile when I see an old couple holding hands and kissing;

when little boys decide to steal kisses from little girls;

on sunny days and on the possibility of growing old with someone!

Life is great and we’ll never be too old for it; regardless of what it brings us!

But just between us … playing games is trully the most interesting part of our lives =D

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2 respostas a Am I getting too old for this??

  1. Nani diz:

    Como vc escreve bem, não esperava isso de ti, huahuahauhau. Ok, e aquele parte do Mr. Schue e da Sue, demais!!! Eu fiz um para mim, só falta começar a escrever, huahuahua. Lv u my extremely talented sister.

  2. Baby diz:

    Ooooohhh!!! Liiindaaaa!!! Eu sei …. mas não é culpa minha!!!! Hehehehehe!!! Mas adorei o post (= Valeuzão qrida!!!! Heheheheh True … we don’t choose when love happens (; but it would be great to, wouldn’t it?!!?!

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