Why do you want to be normal?

Well, on Tuesday night, more like the first hours of Wednesday (March 3rd), I was coming back to Brazil from Toronto! Well, it’s a 9-hour flight, which means that THERE ARE movies, news, cartoons to watch or radios to listen to! And usually they are movies that are in transition from the big screens to DVDs, which is amazing because I usually watch great movies when I travel and later I get to say: “Oh yeah, I already saw that one going to/coming back from Canada!” hahahahahaaha

But one of the great movies I got to watch on the plane was “All About Steve”. A great movie that got me into tears and yet made me really laugh! Okay, so … the movie is about this woman who makes the puzzles for the local newspaper! She is considered an excentric for the fact  that she has an encyclopedic mind! She is extremely smart and she can retain a lot of information! During the movie, her parents set her up on a blind date, who happens to be no one more than Bradley Cooper (HOT!!!!!) who is a cameraman for the local TV Channel! She starts believing that he is the true love of her life and that they should be together! He freaks out about a few things and they reach a point in the movie where he is covering a story where a group of deaf people fall into this hole and they thought they had rescued everyone, but then Mary (Sandra Bullock) comes running to talk to Steve (Bradley Cooper) and falls into the hole and she actually finds one of the deaf children who apparently was forgotten in there! (if you see the movie you’ll get better how everything happens!!!) And this is the best part: there is this scene when Mary is complaining and everything and she starts thinking about what other people said about her and she starts speaking and the little girl is reading her lips and then, she makes the most important question: “Why do you want to be normal?”

That’s actually the question that most of us make sometimes: Why do we want to be normal? What is normal? WHO is normal?

We live with different people! Our society today is compounded with people from different countries, beliefs, colors and background! We don’t know who is normal and who is not! If you ask people who is normal, people would say they are normal, or people who look like the ones we see on the movies or TV! But then if the people who we see on the movies is like this character of Sandra Bullock, then normal is no more normal! Normal becomes being ourselves, being who we want to be! That means that normal is not just being perfectly and doing exactly what the society wants us to do! That means normal is no longer normal! So there isn’t actually normal, right?!

During the movie, they quote NY Times Puzzle Editor Will Schwarz saying:

“We have a natural compulsion to fill empty spaces”

That’s true! It’s normal for the human being fill empty spaces; we start relationships, we have friendships, we rely on our family! We cannot afford having any empty spaces in ourselves, because if we do, we for sure know that something IS wrong! That’s why we look for people who are either as crazy as we are, or even more! We have this need of being surrounded by people who think like us, who want the same things we do, who have the same beliefs; and yet we also have the need of having people who are totally different around us! If you think really hard, or not even that hard, the people who surround you are not the same, they are different and each one of them fill in a different space!

“In the journey of life … just find someone just as normal as youif not a whole bunch!”


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