Come Home

Do you want to know if you’re missed while you’re not around your friends and family?! Easy, see how many of the following vids you get in a week 😀 I got 8 😀

After 1 month and a half, after so many histories, so many arguments, so many friends so many messes, I’m going home!

I leave behind a country that has embraced me as a native, I leave behind friends that have made my month lighter and funnier! I leave behind amazing people that has embraced this time in Canada with such naturality and so much pleasure that it becomes sad going back home!

But I’ll be going back to my amazing friends that have been putting up to me for quite a while now, I’m going back to my family that has always had my back!

I’m also going back to problems, work, university, time-management problems, students complaining about everything, classmates, and all those amazing things of a 22-year-old girl o.O

So, the music theme for what I am feeling now with all these things in mind?!

See you guys in a couple of days 😀

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A penny for your thoughts

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