May the Games Begin

For the past week, my sister and I have been in Montreal and we’re staying here for another week and a half! It’s been an amazing time and Montreal has showed itself a different city from what I am used to! However, Toronto will always be in my heart and will always be only big city that has taken my heart (because for the ones who know me, know that I hate big cities). So, as we are on Olympics season, I thought it would be nice to start a healthy competition between Toronto and Montreal and see who gets the Golden Medal by the time I’m back in Brazil.

I must say that Toronto gets one point for the easiness it is riding the TTC and another point for the trains being wide and being able for more people to ride it and kind of have its own personal space. But, Montreal gets a point for the punctuality of its STM (TTC in Montreal) and another for NEVER failing or stopping in the middle of the track just for nothing ¬¬

Montreal gets another point for its people being so receptive to visitors and being so helpful. Both cities get one point for its amazing architecture, for having a wonderful mix between old and new and making an amazing connection between both times, so it wouldn’t seem weird or ugly. And they also get another point for keeping their downtown and stations clean. Toronto does get an extra point for having more people on its subway stations performing! Toronto gets another point for being a great place for shopping, but Montreal gets two points for having a great Poutine and much more places to eat than Toronto!

However, Toronto DOES have amazing places to go partying, which means that makes TWO points, and because I met great people to go partying there! Montreal does get a point for the great company we’re having here and, if I were a Sims character, my social level would be skyrocketing! Toronto gets two points again for having amazing great places to go ice skating and for the great memories I got there!

That would be a score of Toronto 10, Montreal 8

The game’s on, may the best city win 😀

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