ByeBye Toronto Hello Montreal


Toronto, this year, was totally different to me: I had only underage students, there wasn’t too much snow and the weather was incredible and this year, sorry for that but, I got only two amazing classes (in which both classes we were the same group so we already understood each other and had a great connection).

For the past month, Toronto, again, has served me as a home! As a place to rest my head and to feel like I truly belonged there! Toronto, for a person who spends only one month of the year there, is an amazing city and has its arms wide opened to welcome you! It is impossible to find a word to describe Torontonians, simply for the fact that they are from everywhere, they are international and they are national, they are warm, welcoming and understanding people! For a country whose history was basically written on blood and wars and fights for its own ground, these people can be as loving and understanding as a grandmother is to her grandchildren!

Thank you Toronto for the lack of snow that made my staying here not even as cold as last year; thank you for the magical and rare snowy days because those were the special days to me. Thank you for your people being so loving and different; for the days and nights that I could share with amazing people! Thank you for Momentus, Mana, Lula Lounge, Circa, Music, Suba and all nightclubs! Thank you for Mandarin, Chef of India, Subway, Burger King, NY Fries, Copacabana, Rio 40 graus and many others!

My group this year was the only group who got the most “mosts” on my personal evaluation: they were the youngest group I had – they were 14, 15 and 16 years old; but in Canada everyone was 19! They were the funniest group – we had fun just talking and going out together and just by looking at each other or even just by saying “piada” 😀 ! They were the most daring group – they were the only group of teenagers, from all trips, who decided they would have a fake ID! They were the most adventurous group – they would go out come home late at night and don`t give a dam! They were the most trustworthy group – they came to me and told me all their adventures and places they went and people they met and th8ings they bought! They were the most partying group – every week they found themselves a party to go and just have fun together! They were the most united group – even though they would fight each other, make a scene on public places and yell at each other, they would still be there for each other and I know they will always be there for each other! They were also the most loving group I had – they were always hugging and making sure everyone was okay! And also the most talkative group – everyone loved to talk and say everything at the same time! They weren`t the most focused group – they couldn`t listen to me when only I was speaking! I think that for that I had to have other 200 people around me talking just to make sure they were paying attention to me!! They were the most tranquil group – for I NEVER had to worry about them and they never gave me any reasons to worry or get angry at them (except for the last day, but we’re not counting that 😉 ) I can say they were the most studious group – they loved EACH SINGLE class they had and they enjoyed going to school!

Amazingly, my group that started as five in Brazil, grew almost four times more while in Canada, for the friends we all made there (which 90% were Brazilians as well!) So thank you Toronto, for being the stage of such a special and amazing month in my life!

After four years in Toronto, I hope Montreal is ready for some tough evaluation!

May the next 20 days in Montreal be able to live to the expectations created by a group of friends who simply adore Montreal!!

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