When I get older

What would you like to be when you get older?

– Superman

– Sipderman

– Wonderwoman

– A mommy

– Driver

– Player

– Big

So many answers a child could give you! But then when you ask teenagers the answers will be:

– Businessman

– Singer

– Actor/Actress

– Dancer

– Player

– Vet / Doctor

– Big

And again…the answers just go on! And even when you talk to adults, you’ll get answers like:

– Retired

– Cook

– Big

So, you must me wondering: what’s up with the being-big obsession?!

See, I don’t think that you guys get it! We’re not talking here about heights! I believe that a child who wants to be big since he is a child he is already thinking about his greatness! Because when you think about it, this is what we want to be: we want to be big as singers, actors, composers, cook, businessmen!

In my opinion, a child who wants to be big is meant to greatness! Is meant to have it all! Or maybe he just wants to be big, whatever! But yet he has perspective of things.

K’naan has this amazing song:

And it’s pretty amazing the way he sings about Somalia and the lives there and to be strong and to fight!

This is life, basically:


Fight for love, because even if you get hurt and loose track of yourself, it is always worthy for someone who worths it!

Fight for peace, for your own moment, for some sanity moment so you can find yourself centered and in charge!

Fight for freedom, for being able to come and go, for being able think, do, perceive and say whatever you want to whenever you want to!

Fight for yourself, because you need to know that you are in charge of yourself and no one is going to tell what not to, or even what to do! You are in charge! So fight!

Human kind has been fighting over futile things and power since the begining of history … maybe this time is time for human kind to start fighting for something that it’s worth of it!


People depend on you to take decisions, to follow up, to make up life!

You depend on yourself to make sure you’re on track of life and that others are on track!

For the world will be tough on you and you’ll have to pull it together!

But the most important of all – take a minute

Take a minute for yourself … relax … think … let your mind get away!

Take a minute!

This is a crazy world … full of crazy people! So take time!

Like Calvin and Hobbes would say

Especially if it is nothing!!

So, when I grow older, I wanna take time to do NOTHING!!! 😀


(wondering when will they start paying people for that XD)

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Uma resposta a When I get older

  1. Claudia da Rosa diz:

    I want to be BIG.
    I want to be GREAT.
    I want to prove them wrong.

    Thanks for the AMAZING post. YOU are great!
    I love you.

    BTW, K’naan is truly amazing!
    Love it!!!

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