Sick of

“I am sick of apologizing for who I am. I am tired of listening from everybody how to work, to love, to stand, to build”. Tati Bernardi Twitter

I am sick of listening from other people I am not good enough, that I could do better, that I could have better things and the result they see is the best I could do!

I am sick of people putting me on pedestals; of expecting greatness from me; and of wanting me to do great things!

I am sick of having people looking at me up and down, judging me, without knowing me better!

I am sick of having to do things for my growth, for experience, just because I HAVE TO!!

I am sick of dumb stupid people who desire nothing but to settle for the least!

I am sick of having this life where I am always running and I don’t stop myself to enjoy the ride!

I am sick of pity eyes towards me because apparently I have been crying too much!

I am sick of people not doing their obligations, blaming others, lying and yet being considered innocent for that!

I am sick of weird eyes on the street because I look like hell for the fact that I haven’t slept too much during the nights waiting for you to pop up!

I am sick of having my plans postponed, cancelled, undone because It just wasn’t supposed so!

I am sick of not having the guts to tell you what’s been on my mind for a while now!

I am sick of not being able to do all the things I would like to do; of not being able to be in all the places I wanted to!

I am sick of feeling terrible with myself; of feeling worthless; of feeling not good enough for you!

I am sick of being called “missing” when I‘ve been here all time long!

I am sick of not having you by my side 24/7; of imagining you in my bed every night!

I am so sick of my mind playing tricks with me; of smelling your perfume in every store I go; of listening to your voice before going to bed and of listening to your laughter everywhere!

I am sick of my heart wanting you to turn every corner I walk by; of him expecting you to show up in every street!

I am sick of being in this continuous sinking ship where I just can’t get out!

I am sick of having to tell my heart that you’re not here, and you’re not gonna be and having my heart broken every time I think of you

But the things I am most sick of is loving you each day more and yet not having you around!!

That’s what I’m sick of … and I hope I find a remedy for this … again!

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Uma resposta a Sick of

  1. Claudia da Rosa diz:

    Me too.. Ai ai!

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