Dancing With Myself

Here is 2010!

21 years and a couple of months ago I was born. 1988!

In that year, briefly,…

  • CDs outsell vinyl for the first time ever.
  • Soviets leave Afghanistan
  • Jimmy Swaggart admits to being with prostitutes.
  • Summer Olympics in Seoul, South-Korea; Ben Johnson caught for steriods after setting a World Record in the 100 meter dash.
  • Pan Am Flight 103 explodes over Lockerbie, Scotland; Lybian terrorists are suspected of planting the bomb
  • Earthquake in the USSR
  • Bobby McFerrin tells everyone “Don’t worry, be happy”
  • Prozac is introduced as an anti-depresent.
  • US advertising is permitted on Soviet TV
  • The first plutonium pacemaker is made.
  • World’s longest undersea tunnel is completed. Work begins on the Chunnel which will then become the world’s longest undersea tunnel.
  • Sonny Bono becomes Mayor in Palm Springs.
  • Robin Givens files for divorce from Mike Tyson
  • Benazir Bhutto becomes the first woman to head an Islamic nation
  • Willie Horton ads during the ’88 re-election
  • Dukakis loses to the “Read My Lips” guy, he’s never heard from again.
  • McDonalds in the USSR (might have been 1989)
  • Long Island beaches close due to medical waste coming ashore July 6th.
  • Iran-Iraqi war ends in August.
  • Human Genome project begins.
  • Soviets withdraw from Afghanastan.
  • Australia celebrates it’s bicentenary
  • Supreme Court case, California v. Greenwood, tested the Bill of Rights 4th Amendment, addressing search and seizure in trash.
  • Fires in Yellowstone National Park. The rains didn’t come when expected but months later.

And many other events. If you wiki 1988, you’ll get a list of events by Month, and devided by Events, Births, Deaths, Nobel Prizes and others! I remember that in 1999 there was a huge fear of the Bug! Watching Mad About You, Jamie and Paul reminded me of that fear. And it was a very interesting episode, because he dreams about Einstein and him giving Paul part of the equation to solve the BUG!

And we keep wondering…we are on the year 2010. And now, apparently, the world will end in 2012!

Last night, during New Year’s Eve with my family, all I had in my mind was one song! One freaking song that I even woke up humming it today! The original song was sung by Bill Idol but Kevin Hale, as Artie on gLee, performs this song perfectly!

The song basically says that, even if the whole world was dancing with him, he would still be alone! It’s one of the best songs ever written, in my opinion! But then it hit me! WHY THE HELL WOULD I BE SINGING THIS SONG DURING THE LAST DAY OF 2009 AND THE FIRST OF 2010??

People say that “the worst feeling is the one of being alone in a room full of people”. I started thinking about this year. I was surrounded by family, friends, got to travel more than I’d planned and I met amazing people who helped me through this year, got to party with them and I made up my mind regarded my future profession and kind of decided my path for the next two or three years. But there was always something missing.

I appreciate all my friends, their being there for me and making my life easier, but I know that THIS IS the worst feeling! 2009 was a great year for accomplishments and all…and yet alone. For 2010, I do hope things don’t get like that again…but there is one song that today shares my mind. Firstly performed by the Rolling Stones, gLee performs it amazingly:

I want many things: freedom, trips, independence, kisses, hugs, parties, love, mistery, knowledge, air, togetherness …

It’s a lot, but I realized that I need one thing:

My FRIENDS … even if they’re far far far far far away or close to me, I just need their hugs, kisses, tenderness and patience! I am thankfull for that and for everything … so for this year, I do hope I get what I need! And I hope everyone can get, at least, what you need …  and with luck, what you want!!

Happy 2010!!

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