This year was a great year for me, intelectually speaking. I bought over 20 books and my personal library is now looking great! (for me and my taste at least).

Through these years, I alwasy found myself lost in books (good written ones) … I became every character … I have already been all around the world … I’ve been to many centuries and lived many different customs … I gave in to the delicacy and to the brilliantism of great writers who made my world amazing!!!

I became a very skilled killer … lover … friend … father … emperor with Kyller

I was also a young widow who lost her husband to cancer but was able to spend few more months with him through a well planed plot he made before dying so I could move on with my life, and yet never forget him …

Along with historians I studied the history of Canada … I became a little more scholar and studied the theories of International Relations, along with Brazilian Diplomacy and many others …

My world changed to a fantasy when I found the love of my life in Forks. The fact that he was a vampire did not change my feelings towards him. Every book I became more and more pationate with the idea of sharing all eternity with him …

I, then, decided to travel to China (60’s almost the end of the 90’s) to discover that a heart can be fall in love with two different people and realize it can tear you apart when you see both men of your life trying to kill each other. But you find that true love, is the one who lets you go, and runs after you, not the one who decides to lock you in!

After that I realized I was the son of Poseidon and that I had to help save the world and human kind as we know it …

I traveled galaxies, hitchhiking … I found a whole new world inside wardrobes, houses and with great friends … I was a Chinese strategist writing about war and how to be successful at it …

Shakespeare made me a love-skeptical woman, a crooker, a general and king, a moor from Venice and a prince

I am now (and for a long time be) a Cahill, the most important family in the world that has descendents like Mozart, Napolean, Benjamin Franklin, Madonna, Einstein, Bell, Mao Tse-Tung, Hitler and so many other important history characters that had an important role on the world’s outcome …

I am still giving myself to Shakespeare and his amazing stories; to JK Rowlling who started my book-buying habit and the reason why I love reading books, not only once, but thousands of times; to sagas that enchant me every time I read them; to all great authors that creat these amazing worlds so I can scape the madness of the world;

But for the next year, I am looking for more books. I am looking for more books because, honestly, next year my best friends will be all the authors writing about International Arbitration, International Relations, Law, International Law and so on…

So, it is almost Christmas and  I know that most of you are far, far away from me, so as a gift to me, just send me some suggestions of books you love reading, books you think are amazing and that changed your world. This would be a great Christmas gift to me!!

Thank you very much for reading and for suggesting!

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2 respostas a Books

  1. renanenrique diz:

    Nice post! I also found myself waltzing into the Hades these days (and reentering the Room of Requirement too)! But I’m here to recommend The Neverending Story (Michael Ende) – quite simple, quite wonderful – and The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini) – thrilling, terrible and amazing.

    Both of these have changed a lot of my personal views in really different ways, and I wish they come to add something to you!

    Merry Xmas, then! And keep up with the blog!

  2. Claudia da Rosa diz:

    If I had to choose one of the books you’ve became, I would choose two (hehehe): PS I Love You and Twilight saga!

    Loved the post. Keep up with the good work!

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