True men

Okay…could someone tell me what’s the problem with men nowadays?! Apparently they seem to be thinking with another head ¬¬

What happened to men?! Aren’t you supposed to be all strong, tender and caring!? Aren’t you supposed to protect women and not take advantage of them?! Okay, I know, there are women who don’t value themselves, but that DOESN’T mean that WE ALL DON’T!!!

It’s amazing how jerk a man can be! I really can’t understand that!!!

I would really like to understand what takes a guys, who’s been dating for years, to start flerting, and getting closer and tendering a girl who’s just his friend?! Could someone explain that?!

Could someone PLEASE tell me why men (not all but most) think that women are just objects to be used during a night and when they’re satisfied, be tossed away?!

Sorry to inform you but WOMEN ARE NOT INFLATING DOLLS!!!

How can a guy come with a talk saying that it DOESN’T MATTER if he has a girlfriend, he just wanna be with you!!! Tomorrow DOESN’T MATTER, what matters if TODAY, THE MOMENT!!! OH COME ONE!!!

Some may think I’m a dreamer, fairy-tale-believer kind of girl… I am…but here I am just being totally honest!!!

I would really like to know what happened to men opening the doors to women, letting them step ahead in line, taking their hats off, giving compliments and being respectful!

I realized that one of the reasons that I don’t go out of work/home too much is for the fact that men are getting lesser and lesser respectful towards women! A few weeks ago I went for a run in the city, early (for me it was) and men kept accompaning me with their eyes. I probably lost a few pounds that day, for being parched o.O

And I DO NOT DRESS IN A LOOK-AT-ME KIND OF WAY –> you can ask people who knows me! I am subtle in my dressing, in my way of talking in public (not when with friends, but different case) and yet men have no respect for me!!!

So could someone please tell me what happened to the true man that used to be in this world?!

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Uma resposta a True men

  1. Claudia da Rosa diz:

    That’s a really good question.

    And I do not know the answer


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