Smn 2 Dance With

Don’t you miss those times when you were a child and you just turned on the radio and dances like nothing else mattered? Or when you just locked youself inside your bedroom, turned on the music very loud, wether on the mp3 player, computer or radio, and just kept thinking about life and all?!

I miss those days…not because I can’t do them, but because if I choose songs to listen, they are going to be “ancient” songs. 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s few are from this decade. Apparently artists do not have their cue for connecting with their fans anymore. But this is not the subject of this post!

This post is going to be a little bit happier, I hope 😀
SO…basically what I am looking4 this week is not JUST smn 2 dance. I am looking4 the ocasion to dance too. I miss going to parties, dances, balls, and dance all night long. But I am not talking about these technopop that are the great hits nowadays. I am looking4 those pair-songs. You know, chamamé, forró, gaúcha, vanerão, even OLD samba and pagode, because let’s be honest, the new ones are really terrible!!! For me they are all from guys who lost their love to others because they couldn’t take care of them when they had the chance. But that’s just me, right?!

I love dancing…ALMOST any kind of music. With the right company, I could dance my shoes off!

But trully…there’s nothing better than dancing with smn else! You wanna see how I’m right?

Okay, explain me how you dance to Lady Gaga, or to Black Eyed Peas, or Usher, or Akon or any other rap or hiphop or techno!!

They are all ready moves! Or you know…”normal dancing”, it’s like a one-step-to-the-right-one-step-to-the-left dance! It’s not fun!

(Obs: I’m not talking about slowdancing here!!!)

I’m talking about danceable songs…and just keep dancing all night long and only stopping when you’re off to bed!!! Gaúchas, forrós, sertanejas, vanerões, chamamé (even not dancing so quite well)… I miss it!!! Maybe because I don’t have anyone 2 dance with.

I miss good artists, I miss good songs. Even on the 70’s when couple-dancing songs wasn’t on top anymore, they even had songs to dance to. You could dance BeeGees, Beatles, ABBA, Jerry Lee Lewis, Cindy Lauper and so many!! My parents taught me well regarding good songs, adn I guess that’s why I miss danceable songs so much.

Nowadays teenagers, even adults, try to dance to songs that are just listenable and not danceable! I love dancing and I miss having a partner to dance with!

So I vote for the great singers and bands of the OLD GOLDEN DAYS to come back and show these new artists who’s the boss

New Shoes and let’s dance !!!

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