Yes….I am looking for a kiss. I almost went insane trying to figure out what was on my mind ALL.FREAKING.DAY.LONG!!! And I thougt of perfection, hope, love, butterflies on our bellies, excitment! And I realized that all these feelings come with one thing: A KISS!!! THAT.SIMPLE!!!


I am not looking for those smoochy-oochy kisses


or those mom-told-me-to-kiss-you kisses


I’m looking for a spider-man kiss, the one that will turn you upside-down


You know…one of those kisses that might lift you up to the sky like a rocket, or just take all your strength away


I’m looking for a breathtaking-muble-kness-speechless kiss!

This is NOT too much to ask. Of course those gentle, polite, caring kisses are great…put after a while all you want is THE kiss. The one that is going to make everything different.  The one that for sure brings you that perfection into life; the one that will bring butterflies into your stomach again


The kiss the sweeps you off your feet and you stay without ground…the kiss that makes times bend and that everything aroud just seems useless! It’s not too much to ask for a kiss…I am not asking for a Don Juan or a Casanova or either a Prince Charming to come around! All I need is a kiss … from a person who can bring me back the butterflies, who can bring me back expectation, who can bring me back happines.

You know what I miss?! I miss those corner-of-the-mouth kisses!!! You know…the ones when person is going to give a kiss on the ckeek and “accidentaly” kisses the corner of the mouth of the other person!!! CRAZY!!! I miss the tenderness kisses… I miss being handled carefuly and I miss … I miss the kisses!!! The talks and the kisses!!

So yes…I am looking4sth –

I am looking4smn to kiss me and talk to me…


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