I was thinking about what has been  on my mind for most part of my day. I could say love, romance, but the only question I have is: where have the prince charmings gone?
So, boys, today I’m looking4 a prince charming …
But not in a shiny amor and on a white horse. This kind is in extinction and very probably, does not walk among men anymore. But I am talking about the Casanovas, the Don Juans, the men who would chase women on the street stopping them and telling them that these women are their true love and that they sould’ve never let them part!
What happened to men like Sam Wheat(Ghost) that even dead, declared their love to their loved one?
What happened to guys like Jack Dawson(Titanic) who fell in love with a woman from a different social level, did everything to impress her friends and gave his life for her?!
What happened to men like Henry Roth(50 first dates) who had to make their true love to fall in love with him EVERY.SINGLE.DAY?!
What happened to guys like McDreamy(Grey’s Anatomy) who would do anything not to let Meredith down?!
What happened to men like Andrew Paxton(The Proposal) who “fell in love with someone he wasn’t supposed to”, but yet faught for her?!
And what happened to men like James Bond, that even filled up with work, always found himself some time to amuse, to allure and to enchant women?
Today I was watching Madagascar 2 with my nephew and even cartoons have their cue for romance.
Take for example Melman (and that is the most gorgeous kind of love), he was about to be offered in sacrifice and he decides to go declare himself to Gloria (so far nothing exciting) and then when MotoMoto tells him to “bug off” Melman to Motomoto about Gloria :
“that’s not it. Listen MotoMoto you better treat this lady like a queen. Because you… you my friend, you’ve found yourself the perfect woman. If I was ever so lucky to find the perfect woman, I would give her flowers every day. And not just any flowers ok? Her favorites are orchids. White. And I’d bring her breakfast every day. 6 loaves of wheat toast with butter on the side. No crusts. The way she likes it. I’d be her shoulder to cry on and her best friend. And I’d spend every day trying to think of how to make her laugh. She has the most… most amazing laugh. That’s what I would do, if I were you. But I’m not, so you do it.”
Is there anything more beautiful and perfect than that?! He simply knew everything about her, and was willing to give up on her, for her happiness!!
And what is it with men who think that all that women want are compliments on their asses, and boops, and body?! Of course we like when men tell us that we look good…but this is not what we are looking4!!!
I am not going to say women, but I … I am looking for a man to hold me tight and tell me everything is going to be okay when I feel like crying;
I want a man who I can talk to about any subject…at all;
I want a man who can come to me and tell me anything;
I man who can give me tender eyes and who can touch me and calm me down;
I want a man who can be equal to me, who can be by my side and who can almost “read my mind”;
A guys who listens to me, who respects me and who accepts me for being absent-minded, lost, confused, too happy, angry, lazy, grunchy, pationate, loving, open-minded, fast;
I want a studied man, hard-working and devoted man.
Maybe I am looking for a Prince Charming
What happened to these kind of men?! Do they only exist on Hollywood?!
I’ll make it simple though…
Give me a straight man who cares about women’s feelings, loves comedies, melo songs, speaks with respect, can have a real conversation and yet is into soccer, working and other male stuff and I’m his.
That’s what I’m looking4

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  1. holly diz:

    “you don’t wanna be in love, you wanna be in love in a movie” – sleepless in seattle =)

    Eu acho que é mais ou menos por aí. A gente não pode se basear nesses “modelos”. Eu particularmente, não acredito em homens românticos. Muitas vezes não é uma questão de “qualidades”, mas algo em especial que te faz entender as falhas do outro e aceitar pelo o que ele é. A parte difícil é encontrar alguém que sinta o mesmo por você, ao mesmo tempo.

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