Hello world!


Isn’t everybody looking for something? Or even maybe someone? And yet nothing!

Maybe we are just looking for a reason to exist, or a reason to do things, or even trying hopelessly to be a reason for someone!

Our mind loses control when our heart goes crazy.

We do not think. We do not ponder. We are not ourselves.

And yet we struggle for days passing by, we hope they fly so we can go with our plans… but then we realize we do not have plans, because our heart took control over our mind and now we are prisioners of an unthinkable reason, of an unthinkable situation and then we march off to a destiny we do not know.

But what if we are looking for the reason for life? What would that be? I am a religious person, and I do believe we are here to grow up and get better… But how?! We struggle, we fight, we cry, we lose and we win, we laugh, we brake promises and people deceive us, we realize we can not trust people and yet we play foolish games with other, we fall deeply in love over and over again, and over and over again our heart is shread into thousands of pieces.

I am looking for many things but it’s hard to know what you want. Maybe what I really want is a fairy tale, or maybe just to be loved, or even just to be understood. [That would be a walked mile!]

People look for things in their lives daily!

And you….


What are you looking for?!

What are YOU looking for?!



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A penny for your thoughts

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